Stainless Steel Loose Tea Filter

Amber is a professional loose tea filter manufacturer and supplier. Our tea filters are made of food grade stainless steel. Amber offers the following styles of tea filters:

Loose tea filter cup: The body structure is made of fine-mesh perforated sheet to prevent tea leaves from leaking out. Laser welding makes it more durable and longlasting. In addition, the lid can prevent foreign objects from falling into the cup.

Loose tea ball filters: The body structure is composed of a woven mesh or a punched mesh. The punched structure is stronger, while the woven structure has more meshes, which can release the essence of tea faster.

Tea filter spoon: It is a combination of a filter and a handle, so you only need to put the tea in the spoon and then soak the filter in the cup.

tea filter cup

Stainless Steel Tea Ball Infuser

loose tea filter

tea infuser ball

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