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Amber Metal is one of the most professional stainless steel loose leaf tea infuser suppliers and manufacturers, as well as stainless steel tea strainer, tea ball strainer, tea ball infuser, tea cup infuser and reusable tea infuser.

Nowadays, many people like to drink tea. The process of making tea can relax the body and mind, and has a good health effect on the body. Compared with tea bags, the tea made from loose tea works better. Because tea bags are usually made of crushed tea, they are not the essence of tea, and of course the efficacy cannot be compared with conventional tea. However, if you put loose tea leaves directly into water for brewing, you will inevitably inhale the tea leaves into your mouth when drinking tea, which will affect your taste. The use of a loose leaf tea infuser (tea steeper) and tea strainer not only preserves the essence of the tea leaves, but also avoids the embarrassment of tea leaves into the mouth, which is the best choice for two birds with one stone.

As an experienced stainless steel tea strainer manufacturer and supplier, Amber Metal also specializes in offering a full range of tea cooking and filtration device, including stainless steel loose leaf tea infuser, tea filter, tea ball strainer, tea ball infuser, tea cup infuser and reusable tea infuser. The shape of these devices are mainly rotundity and shape of cup, and their material is food grade stainless steel. Therefore, these devices has many advantages, such as beautiful appearance, excellent corrosion resistance, and unbreakable.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of stainless steel loose leaf tea infuser (tea steeper) and tea strainer, Amber Metal is definitely your best choice. We will provide you with the best-quality products and services, and your satisfaction is our goal.

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